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About This Job



You have to just order mobile in flashsale in Amazon , flipkart and Mi store and earn per money per mobile upto 400 on you paytm. just order mobile .
1. Order mobile in flashsale.
2. Give screenshot of tracking number
3. Take your commission.

1. How many mobiles you have to order?

Unlimted mobiles , as much as you can.

2.What to do of such so many mobiles?

i am a seller who sell mobile , becuse demand is very high and common people not able to book , we generate lots of profit.

3.How You earn so lots of money?

As we know , you are new . Will you take a little time to understand everything . after you understand , you can also make your own group , i will give you 400 per piece you give them 200 per piece margin 200 is your profit .

4.What you need to do this job?

You will must have :-
1. 4g handset or laptop or both
2. Knowledge Of online shopping.

Why this job ?

Becuse it is a time consuming job from rest other job and this job is best for students.

How much i have to give time

Its depends on yours , you may give 2 mintues in three days or 10 minutes in three days . Choice yours.

How much i earn per sale.

Its also depend on you , you may earn 2000 , 1000 or sometime may null . But when you will start to earn nobody stop you.

1.Which mobile you order?

You have to order  Redmi 5A , Redmi y1 and other mobiles according to my requirement. All details will be receive in group . Join us know!!

2.How to order a mobile??

Flashsale is very tough only genius and brilliant people order mobile on amazon and flipkart .
 For this , I will give you many tricks that will help you a lots . Before any flashsale . Keep patience i will give you all details.

3. When you get your commission and where??

you will get your commission after :-
Product shipping = Amazon And Mi Store
Product Delivered = Flipkart

4. How much your earn??

No limits , unlimted money . You cannot expect how much.

5. How should you earn so much ??

If you not able to book mobile Contact me personal , i will teach you.

6. What do my old amazon and flipkart account??

According to term and conditions of amazon and flipkart , you will reuse your Amazon and flipkart account.

7. How you remember your Amazon and flipkart account??

When you create your account , then give same password in each account.

8. What is trick if flashsale??

I will give you many tricks , which will helps you a lot and many secrets tricks . This trick is very necessary and there is no  , one or three tricks and every tricks will given before any flashsale.

9.What to do after a successful order??

You will send me to screenshot . One , after tracking id generate and Second , after the order deliver successful and after that after that payment will send to your Paytm.

10. Why paytm and Google Tez??

Because , through paytm and google tez you able to send your all money to your bank account easily Thats pretty easy .

11. Why this job ??

This is pretty easy job , jf you have time then do this , if not then wait for next flashsale and its depends on your time . This is not a serious job . It is part time job.

If you want to contact me , then please message me personal , if i free then i will give you details .  If I am offline just send your question , When i free i give all answer of you .

       (Any Query Whatsapp Me Personally)